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Build Process

Building Communication

Your Construction Coordinator is your primary contact throughout your home-buying and building process. If you wish to receive updates on your home, or relay any concerns or questions, please do so through your Construction Coordinator.

Building Progress

To keep you in the loop as much as possible, we have organized the following schedule for you to track the progress of your home. You can also go to, login with the user name an password provided at Step 2 of the Building Process, and check real time build status of your home 24/7.

Before We Start Building

Step 1

Meet to sign Real Estate Purchase Agreement and floor plan design specifics.

Lifestyle Homes floor plans
Step 2

A pre-construction meeting is held to finalize plans and make your color selections.
* Note: If you are planning to use our professional designer at this time, please let us know ahead of time.

Construction of Your Home

Step 3

The hole is dug for your home and footings, foundations are poured. Then your home is framed and plumbed. Rough electrical and HV/AC are installed. The roof is put on and the inspector visits the job site.

Lifestyle Homes construction
Step 4

A walk-through is scheduled with you to do a general review of your framing, electrical, flooring transitions and to address any change orders.

Step 5

Your windows and doors are installed. Your home is insulated and drywall is hung, followed by paint, trim work, cabinets and lighting. On the outside, your roof is completed and the siding and rock are hung.

Lifestyle Homes finished construction
Step 6

The final grade is done to the outside of your home to make future landscaping easier.

When Your Home Is Finished

Step 7 Lifestyle Homes closing on home

A final walk-through of your home is scheduled before you close.

Step 8

You sign the closing documents and receive the keys to your new home!

Building Safety

We care about our home buyers and want to keep you as safe as possible. Please adhere to the following safety guidelines:

Warning Symbol

Do not enter into any zones where homes are under construction or where subdivision improvements are being installed.

Warning Symbol

If you do visit your construction site, please understand you are doing so at your own risk.

Warning Symbol

Please do not attempt to give instructions to any of Lifestyle Homes sub-contractors or attempt to perform unauthorized work.