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Our Green Initiative

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Here At Lifestyle Homes we take being green fun. Wait, seriously. Well, both. We’ve long been identified as Northern Utah’s eco-focused builder. We are actively doing all kinds of things to ensure our company, building, and homes are all eco-smart. Being green isn’t simply a claim, it’s really a lifestyle for us. We’re taking the initiative, showing the value for companies and homes to be green.

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Our Style is Green

Lifestyle Homes Paperless Office

Our paperless office, helped through Neat Scanners and PDF signing software allows us to recycle every scrap of paper that comes in the office. It’s great for the environment, and makes it easier to organize and search. We also use Apple Computers and iPads. which are widely recognized as the most energy efficient in operation and standby in the industry.

Lifestyle Homes Electric Car

We chose highly gas efficient sales vehicles. We just got a Ford Fusion Energi that is an electric vehicle at speeds up to 85 mph, and functions as a hybrid as well. It gets an EPA estimated 108 city 92 highway. We've even partnered with Logan City to install Northern Utah's first Electric-Vehicle charging station downtown, right around the corner.

Zip System

We offer a range of eco options and standard features in our homes. We have the ZIP System® that seals up holes and reduces airflow increasing efficiency in the home. Our standard home has a 95% efficient furnace, and E-Star insulation, lights, dishwasher, and windows.

When building a home we work to reduce material waste, and environmental impact. There’s no reason perfectly good building materials should end up in a landfill.

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