5 Budget Friendly Tips for Decorating Your New Home

Did you just move into a new home? If so, congratulations! Owning your own home is one of the best feelings in the world. But most likely you have a lot of empty rooms and spaces that need to be filled. Worse yet, all of these little details are what will give the house your personal style and transform it into the home of your dreams.

Of course, you already have a picture in your head of how you want your home to look. The artwork on the walls, style of furniture, pillows and throws, etc. If you had all the money in the world, you could create something out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I get it! But we all weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouth.

So how do you transform the empty space into a comfy home without breaking the bank? I’m glad you asked. I have a list of some small items that can create a huge impact in any space. Instead of thinking of those big décor items that will cost you, pay attention to the little things I will share with you now.

Wall Art

It may not be exactly the ‘big picture’ you had in mind, but pictures hung on a wall have a way of improving any space. The right pictures magically improve the aesthetic of any home and help define your style. Thankfully, you do not necessarily need to spend a fortune on art. You can purchase prints or even print your own pictures and put them in some inexpensive frames.


Do you want to make a statement and appeal to the olfactory senses of your visitors in an affordable way? Light your home up with some candles. You can decorate your coffee table, kitchen table, and mantle with a few modern, minimalistic candles. Choose scents that will inspire the mood you want in your home. Anyone who walks into your home will immediately be greeted with the dreamy ambiance and beautiful smell created by the candles.

Pillows & Throws

 Besides boosting your aesthetic taste, pillows and throws offer a sense of comfort to both your friends and family. Whether on the sofa or the bed, you definitely need a throw and some pillows to transform your house into a comfy home. And guess what?! They are not expensive either and can give you a finished decorator look. Definitely add this to the list!


Bring life and nature into your home with plants. Not only do they bring life into your home, but they also add a unique touch to your interior decor. Studies have shown that indoor plants can help boost mood, reduce stress, and clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and releasing oxygen. Place a few inexpensive indoor plants like succulents, ferns and ficus around your home. Plants are a definite must have!

Take Away

While you are starting from a mostly blank slate, you can create a charming and welcoming home without breaking the bank. By using these tips, you can turn your new house into the home of your dreams.  

LifeStyle Homes has the experience to make your dreams a reality! If you are interested in learning more about building your dream home, contact us today at (435) 363-0100 .


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