Steps to Building a New Home in Utah

Steps to Building a New Home in Utah

So, you are tired of paying rent every month and are now interested in investing in building your own home. That’s a great idea! It is a step in the right direction to enjoy full freedom and a happy lifestyle. However, there is a lot to the home building process. You need to be very careful about every step, especially that of choosing a home builder. They will be your partner during the entire home building process, so choose wisely.

Below we have listed some of the most essential steps to getting started building a new home in Utah.

Step 1: Find a trustworthy home builder:

The biggest mistake most people make when planning to build a new home is during the selection of a home builder. Experts advise taking recommendations from friends and family. You can also search builders on the internet and read reviews from previous customers. Make an appointment with several home builders and get a sense for how they do business and if you feel like you could work together. Be sure to discuss your home design ideas in detail and find out if they can make your dream home a reality. Talk about contract terms, legal issues and all other related factors.

Step 2: Select your dream home design:

There are so many floor plan designs you can choose from for your new home. One of your favorite decisions should be to choose the style of home you want to build. After making this decision, you can then look for a floor plan that most closely matches your ideal. Look at how you live and where you spend most of your time in your current home. Think about what your family’s needs will be in the future, as well. You can also reflect on other homes you have been to. What features did you especially like? Choose a home that best fits these criteria.

Step 3: Look at the features of your land:

Your land provides inspiration for the home you are going to build based on its shape and landscape. Consider the features of your lot before making the final decision on your home plan and placement. Which area gets the best sunlight? Which spot provides the best views? Where does the sun rise and set? Each of these features has their own benefits, but keep your budget, needs, and other details in mind.

Step 4: Get assistance from the bank:

In order to go ahead with construction, you need financial backup from a trustworthy institution. It is best to apply for a loan from a bank and most builders have approved lenders. Your home builder should be able to provide you with a close estimate of your building costs. Your budget will determine many of the choices you make in the design of your home.

Step 5: Sign your agreement with your home builder:

Once you have approval on your loan, it is time to sign the construction contract with your home builder. Make sure you review all the terms and conditions carefully and that you understand everything in it. If you have any questions, ask your builder for more information before you start.

Step 6: Building a new home:

It is time to get started building your new home! This is such an exciting time. There will be a lot of decisions, but your home builder will be there to help walk you through all of them. If you believe it is time to give shape to your dreams and start building a new home, give Lifestyle Homes a call at (435) 363-0100. We’ll gladly answer any questions you have about the home building process.


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