Updating Your Loan

Somewhere between 2 to 4 weeks prior to closing, your lender will need to update your verifications to get final approval on your loan. You will want to follow up with your loan officer and make sure they have all of your recent paycheck stubs, bank statements, etc. So your loan is ready to close when you are.

Home Owners Insurance

At least 2 weeks prior to closing, contact your insurance agent for homeowners insurance. Your agent must provide your lender with a binder and with the following information:

  • Insurance Carrier
  • Agent’s Name and Phone Number
  • Your Annual Premium

Connect Your Utilities

Getting Your Mail

For mailbox rules and regulations, please meet with your local post office.

Closing on Your Home

Your Lifestyle Homes sales consultant will help you schedule your home closing. They will also help coordinate the closing with your lender. We ask that you contact the title company the day before to confirm that the funds need to be delivered in the form of a cashiers check.


What To Bring To The Closing

  • A cashiers check for the balance of your down payment and closing costs owed
  • Any documentation your loan officer has asked you to bring

More Questions?

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