Customer Reviews

“Our experience with Lifestyle was fantastic. As stressful as building a home can be, these guys made it a breeze. Getting through the selections with Natalie was simple and straightforward and our site manager kept close tabs on the progress. We’ve lived in our home for almost a year now and have yet to find anything major that needs attention. Where style meets value!”

Cort and Emily Carter

“Our home is beautiful and everything we wanted. I like the 2×6 outside walls. Chris and Natalie were great to work with. Very quick at working with our concerns. We got a great value for our home. We love our home! Thanks for building it the way we liked!”

Chad and Jessica Rosser

“Built our home in Cache Valley and we absolutely love it! I liked that Lifestyle was willing to customize and work with us as our needs and wants changed through the building process. Everything was built as we requested and working with them was hassle free! Highly recommend them!”

Marcus Maw

“There seems to be a general consensus that home building is nothing but frustration and aggravation. People are amazed when I tell them that my experience with Lifestyle Homes has been not only very pleasant but really fun! The entire Lifestyle team, including the subcontractors, is professional, creative, friendly, and courteous. They have bent over backwards to make sure my house is the home of my dreams. I recommend Lifestyle Homes to everyone I know that is considering building a home! Trent has become not only my builder, but my friend.”

Debbie Christofferson

“We feel like our home is very well built and will be a sturdy and wonderfully comfortable home for decades to come. We feel like the subs who worked on our home were of a high quality. We love the light in our home and the open feeling created by the wide hallways and stairways. We love our home.”

Josh and Jenn Cummings

“We built our home with Lifestyle this past year and were blown away from the excellent service they provide! I would recommend them to all my friends and family because I know they will be treated just as well as we were! Building can be stressful and frustrating- but we really loved the whole process with the people we worked with.”

Colton and Adrienne Parker

“Everyone is super friendly and extremely helpful. Lifestyle was super easy to work with. No problems at all!!”

Libby and Cody Godfrey

“Building with Lifestyle Homes was a good experience. Throughout the process, Trent was very approachable and I was able to express my needs and wants. We were on the same page throughout the building process and I now have a beautiful home. Trent is honorable, ethical, and willing to take the time to explain situations or provide answers to questions. I was in the market for over a year. Not finding what I wanted, I decided to build. I haven’t regretted my decision to work with Trent and to build with Lifestyle Homes.”

Craig Whyte

“Everyone was easy to work with and patient with us throughout the process. Good relationships – thanks Lifestyle!”

Dave and Michelle Haws

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