5 Advantages of Building a House

This age-long conundrum of whether to build a new home or buy an existing home has plagued many home buyers. It is perceived that building a house usually takes a long time, compared to buying an older, existing home. While this is not true, to many, this urban legend of building for months and months makes building a home a deal breaker. 

If you are yet contemplating whether building a house is worth it or not, I am positive you will find this article very useful as it outlines some of the advantages that come with building your own home.

You Get a Fresh Start

Existing homes are built and designed by someone else. This means you do not have any say in deciding the floor plan, the design, the materials used, and many other critical decisions. This is one major advantage that building a house has over buying any home on the market. Of course, you have a dream home you have been looking for. But finding it is almost impossible when buying someone else’s home. So, you have to settle for things about the layout or design you don’t like. That is not the case when you build your own home. You get to enjoy a totally fresh start. You decide what you want, how you want it, and where you want it.

Design Freedom

This is an extension of point #1. Homeowners who build their own homes enjoy the opportunity to design the house to their unique style and taste. You are not compelled to put up with a “good enough” home. You get to build your dream home and design it how you want. If an open backyard is what you want, you can design that from the beginning. If you would rather have a very private home, you still reserve the power to do that right from the start. Your home, your choice!

Energy Efficient Home

Building your own home allows you to use the materials you want. You have the opportunity to oversee the entire building process and the materials used. You also get to choose the appliances and systems in the home. Going green becomes easier when building your own house. Instead of replacing or changing worn out appliances and systems in an existing home, you get to choose them from scratch. Making your home energy-efficient without incurring the extra cost or breaking the bank

Building is Budget-Friendly

Okay, here is what I mean. When buying an existing home, you cannot reasonably tell the seller to remove some unnecessary part of the home or replace all of the appliances. You are billed the complete price – for everything. In the end, you are forced to settle for how it is. This painful scenario can be avoided if you decide that building a house is better. Of course, you know how many rooms you need and the style of home that you like. In fact, you probably already have an idea of what you can afford. Therefore, professional builders such as Lifestyle Homes can work within your budget to give you the best bang for your buck.

Your Family’s Safety

Like I mentioned earlier, building a house from scratch gives you the opportunity to monitor the entire process and the materials used. In existing homes, you can’t really tell what materials were used for the flooring and roofing or what is in the walls. Questionable materials have been used in building in the past. The potential noxious materials that could be in your home aren’t worth it. Don’t risk it!

Building a House

LifeStyle Homes has the experience to make your dreams a reality! Contact us today at (435) 363-0100 to learn more about the advantages of building a house.


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