Giving Back

GIVING BACK is as important to us as getting business!

We LOVE Cache Valley; it has done SO MUCH for us and we want to continually show our appreciation. And while we ALWAYS try to make the community better through smart development and efficient homes, we also want to make it better by supporting the organizations we believe make a difference. Please see who we’re supporting and consider giving to those YOU feel make our community a great place to live.

  • The Family Place (Hyrum) – Framed, insulated and installed sheetrock on portion of the facility.
  • Logan Police Department Shoot House (Tactical Facility)
  • McLean Project – Replaced a deck and also installed new windows and doors for efficiency.
  • Gilsdorf Project – ADA Kitchen Remodel
  • Trooper Ellsworth – Funds donated for house payoff
  • Max Young Project – Garage addition and bathroom remodel
  • Smithfield Chamber of Commerce “Night of Giving”
  • Bear River Land Conservancy
  • Regular volunteer hours at The Food Pantry
  • Regular donations to Cache Valley for Hope
  • CVHBA Giving Back Foundation
  • 4-H Boosters
Lifestyle Homes Gives Back

Working on a new wheelchair-accessible garage for a Cache Valley family.

brayton floorplan brayton floorplan basement

brayton farmhouse

brayton prairie

brayton craftsman

brocksford floorplan

brocksford craftsman

brocksford farmhouse

brocksford victorian

melbourne floor plan melbourne floor plan melbourne floor plan

sunville floorplan

sunville craftsman

sunville farmhouse

sunville victorian

ashton base

ashton craftsman

ashton farmhouse

glenwood base

glenwood craftsman

glenwood farmhouse

xavier floor plan xavier floor plan xavier floor plan

xavier farmhouse

xavier prairie

xavier craftsman

ashland farmhouse

ashland craftsman

ashland prairie

clearpoint floor plan clearpoint floor plan clearpoint floor plan

clearpoint farmhouse

clearpoint craftsman

clearpoint prairie

northfield floor plan

norfolk floor plan

norfolk farmhouse

norfolk prairie

cambria simple

cambria farmhouse floorplan

cambria craftsman

somerley simple floor plan

somerley craftsman

somerley prairie

canyon farmhouse

canyon craftsman floor plan

canyon modern

caddington main caddington basement

caddington farmhouse floor plan

caddington craftsman floor plan

caddington victorian floor plan

carvell simple floor plan

carvell craftsman floor plan

carvell prairie floor plan

cambria simple

cambria farmhouse floorplan

cambria craftsman